At Harwood Body’s Shop, we have received the following questions from our customers, and we wanted to share the answers with you!

How many estimates do I need?

You will only need ONE estimate. We will help you through each step of the repair process. You don’t need to worry about obtaining an estimate before coming to us. All you need to do is bring your vehicle into our shop after you have called your insurance company. Your insurance company will give you a claim number, and that’s all we need to get started.

Harwood’s Body Shop works with ALL Insurance Companies.
You have the consumer right to take your car to any auto body shop of your choice.

Will you be able to match the color of my paint?

Yes, we are able to match your car’s paint color through our expert computer system.

Do you offer Express Repair or 1-3 day repairs?

We are able to offer Express Repair Service on a case by case basis. Please ask us about our express repairs.

What affiliations does Harwood ‘s Body Shop have in Winsted and Delano?

Harwood’s Body Shop is affiliated with Different Mechanic Shops in Delano, American Family Agents in Delano, Farmer’s Insurance in Rockford, Farmer’s Insurance in Delano and All Insurance.